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Invention the chocolate chip cookie was invented by the american chef ruth graves wakefield and chef sue brides in 1938 she invented the recipe during the period when she owned the toll house inn in whitman massachusetts.

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No matter what diet you follow its important to have those recipes that you know you can satisfy your cravings with one of those recipes at least for me is a delicious chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe.

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chocolate chip cupcake recipe want a quick but tasty chocolate chip cupcake recipe then this is the one for you resulting in a flat topped cake that makes cake decorating easy this choc chip cupcake is fantastic.

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Preheat the oven to 350176f line 3 large baking sheets with parchment paper in a medium bowl whisk together flour baking powder baking soda and salt set aside.

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Creepy chocolate chip cookies comedian gary gulman did a sketch years ago about cookies its hilarious you should look it up at the end of it gulman expresses how much he dislikes sugar cookies because they are always trying to be something else and without changing they.

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You may have memorized the foolproof gem on the back of the toll house bag given to the world by ruth graves wakefield in the 1930s but this may become your new favorite chocolate chip.

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Best chocolate chip cookies this best chocolate chip cookie recipe makes the most perfect homemade chocolate chip cookies loaded with chocolate chips ive spent years perfecting how to make cookies that are chewy soft and slightly crispy with a slightly crackled top.

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The perfect chocolate chip cookie variations included lemon toffee mampm macadamia amp more i have been on the search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie for years.

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These keto chocolate chip cookies are low carb gluten free easy to make amazingly delicious and only require 1 bowl only 2 net carbs per cookie.

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